RV Roadside Assistance

FrugalRV.com - RV Roadside Assistance

Roadside emergencies can ruin a vacation. Should you purchase RV roadside assistance insurance or self-insure? If buying insurance, which one? Here are my tips on selecting the best RV roadside assistance plan to fit your travel needs. Roadside Services Even the newest vehicles can break down anywhere. Older vehicles, especially RVs that have seen many years but not many miles,…

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Discount Camping

Are discount camping clubs for real? Can you save money on campground fees using them? How much? Frugal RVers often ask these questions. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of discount camping clubs. Discount Camping There are lots of ways to save on camping fees. Many frugal RVers boondock or dry camp on BLM or Corps…

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What does “Frugal RV” mean?

What does "Frugal RV" mean anyway?

Everyone comes up with a different image when I mention “frugal RV”. Some think of a young couple in a converted utility van boondocking in the woods. Others picture a large motorhome in a Walmart parking lot. Still others envision a camper adding solar power to a fifth-wheel trailer. Technically, all are truly frugal RVers — reducing the cost of…

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