RV Water Saving Tips

FrugalRV.com - RV Water Saving Tips

Water is vital to life — including as we camp. The average American directly and indirectly uses about 64,000 gallons a year — 175 gallons a day — of water. Due to the size of holding tanks and other limitations, RVers must learn to reduce water needs while camping. Here are my RV water saving tips. RV Water Needs First, make sure you…

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How to Dry Camp

FrugalRV.com - Dry Camp

Recently, we downsized our RV rig from a one-ton pickup pulling a 27′ fifth wheel to a 20′ camper-van. Why? Many reasons but the major one was simplicity. We now can take roads and campsites that we couldn’t consider before.  Our new (to us) rig fits in the same parking spot that our pickup once used, yet it has all…

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Discount Camping

Are discount camping clubs for real? Can you save money on campground fees using them? How much? Frugal RVers often ask these questions. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of discount camping clubs. Discount Camping There are lots of ways to save on camping fees. Many frugal RVers boondock or dry camp on BLM or Corps…

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RV Water Systems

FrugalRV.com - RV water systems

RV water systems supply fresh water and store waste water when camping. As water is a necessity for life, knowing how RV water systems work — and how to maintain them — is vital to enjoying your frugal camping adventures. Here’s what Frugal RVers discover about RV water systems: RV Fresh Water Recreational vehicles typically have two sources of potable…

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Manage Your RV Wants

FrugalRV.com - Manage Your RV Wants

In my prior Frugal RV tip, I covered how to Simplify Camping. Camping, after all, is intended to be a simpler life event than living at home with all those electronic gadgets and conveniences. It is a time to cut the cord — or at least to cut back to only those things you really need to recreate.  This article…

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RV Battery Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Battery Basics

RV camping is partially powered by batteries that store electricity for use when not plugged in to an electrical outlet. How do batteries work? What types of batteries are best for camping? How should campers maintain RV batteries. Here are some RV Battery Basics. RV Battery Logic Your motorhome or towing vehicle already has a battery or two, used for…

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RV Solar Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Solar Basics

Many RV campers are “going solar” — adding solar power to their recreational vehicles. Is it smart? Is it frugal? Should you consider solar power for your motorhome, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or other camping unit? The answer depends on how and where you camp. Let’s take a closer look at RV solar power. RV Solar Basics The sun, our sun, has…

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Multitask Travel

FrugalRV.com - Multitask Travel

Owning your own RV is an opportunity to travel for a variety of reasons including pleasure, business, and education. As you plan your next road trip, consider multitask travel. Make a tax-deductible stop at a client’s on the way to your family vacation. Stop along the way for learning opportunities. Here are my suggestions for multitask travel: RVing for Pleasure…

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What does “Frugal RV” mean?

What does "Frugal RV" mean anyway?

Everyone comes up with a different image when I mention “frugal RV”. Some think of a young couple in a converted utility van boondocking in the woods. Others picture a large motorhome in a Walmart parking lot. Still others envision a camper adding solar power to a fifth-wheel trailer. Technically, all are truly frugal RVers — reducing the cost of…

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Your Camping Budget

FrugalRV.com - Why do you RV?

The first of my 10 Frugal RV Tips is: Remember why you travel. That makes sense, but it is quite easy to forget as we start thinking about all the options and opportunities we RVers have. Larger trailers, more powerful tow rigs, the latest electronics, a towed vehicle — they all vie for our interest and our wallets. But do…

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Casino Camping

FrugalRV.com - Casino Camping

RV camping can be expensive, especially campground fees. Give your Frugal RV Budget a break and take advantage of the hospitality of gaming casinos throughout the U.S. and Canada that offer free or reduced-rate overnight camping. Here’s what you need to know about casino camping. Casino Basics There are nearly 1,000 commercial and native-American casinos in the United States. Canada…

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RV Electrical Systems

FrugalRV.com - RV Electrical Systems

RV electrical systems power your camping. How does electricity do that? Let’s take a closer look at where electricity comes from, how it does its work, and what to do when it doesn’t work. Basics of Electricity Electricity is simply the movement of electrons, those little components of atoms, the basic building structure of the universe. This movement produces power…

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RV Generator Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Electrical Generator

Campers have used electrical generators to visit the woods for decades. What is an RV generator, how does it work, and what can you do if it doesn’t work? These are a few of the questions to cover in RV Generator Basics. RV Generator Types RV generators have a simple job: convert combustion power into electrical power. RV generators are…

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