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Campers get dirty! Hiking, biking, off-roading, outdoor cooking, living on the road…they all add up to dirty laundry. How can you reduce the laundry load as you enjoy the dirty out-of-doors? How can you do laundry on the road? Here are my RV Laundry Tips.

Reduce RV Laundry

The first step to reducing RV laundry chores is to reduce the amount of laundry you need to do. That makes sense. Following are some suggestions:

  • Minimize what you wear. Camping in warmer climates means less clothes to get dirty.
  • Choose clothes made of fabric that repels dirt.
  • Choose colors that don’t show dirt.
  • Set up a clothes drying rack at your campsite for towels and other wet items that can be reused.
  • Hang up dirty laundry during longer stays to air them out for reuse or later washing.
  • Once dry, keep soiled laundry in a foldable hamper.
  • Clean small stains with a spot cleaner to wear longer.
  • Make sure your clothes are ready for the laundry before you put them in the laundry bag.

Doing RV Laundry

RV laundry is unavoidable if camping for longer periods. Full-time RVers especially need to consider laundry options. Here are some options for doing laundry on the road:

  • Purchase an RV that includes or can be retrofitted with a washer and dryer or washer/dryer combination. Remember thar the RV will require a larger hot water heater and gray water tank.
  • Choose campgrounds that have laundry facilities, are near a laundromat, or in a community with laundry drop-off service.
  • If possible, choose laundry facilities that offer wi-fi so you can multitask.
  • Buy and use a manual washing machine.
  • Use a laundry washing bag.
  • Wash clothes by hand in the RV sink or while taking a shower.
  • Select laundry detergent and additives based on the type of washing system you use.

>>Dan Ramsey, FrugalRV.com
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