RV Weight Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Weight Basics

Recreational vehicle weight and capacity are important to know for driving and towing safety. How much does your rig weigh? How much can it carry? What happens if it is overweight? How can you reduce rig weight? Let’s look closer at RV weight basics. RV Weight Capacity First question is: What is your RV rig? Obviously, the weight and capacity…

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How to Dry Camp

FrugalRV.com - Dry Camp

Recently, we downsized our RV rig from a one-ton pickup pulling a 27′ fifth wheel to a 20′ camper-van. Why? Many reasons but the major one was simplicity. We now can take roads and campsites that we couldn’t consider before.  Our new (to us) rig fits in the same parking spot that our pickup once used, yet it has all…

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Join RV Groups

FrugalRV.com - RV groups

We RVers typically don’t like to admit it, but some campers are smarter than we are – at least on some topics. The aim of the frugal RVer is to learn something useful from more experienced campers, travel rig owners, and RV groups. Here are my tips on how to get useful answers to common RV problems. Ask Good Questions…

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Motorhome Basics

Motorhomes are popular recreational vehicles making up about 15% of all RVs sold. They are built in a wide variety of configurations, lengths, and styles to satisfy the needs and wants of RV campers. If you’re new to RV travel, here’s what you need to know about Motorhome Basics. Motorhome 101 A motorhome is simply a motorized vehicle with living…

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RV Tire Basics

FrugarRV.com - RV Tire Basics - photo courtesy Yokohama Tire

Safe and dependable tires are critical to enjoying RV camping. RV Tire Basics includes how to read tire markings and how to maintain tires for travel trailers, motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles. Let’s get started. RV Tire Markings Think of your vehicle tires as air containers. Sealed inside is pressurized air that makes the tires firm but not rigid. Tires…

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Discount Camping

Are discount camping clubs for real? Can you save money on campground fees using them? How much? Frugal RVers often ask these questions. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of discount camping clubs. Discount Camping There are lots of ways to save on camping fees. Many frugal RVers boondock or dry camp on BLM or Corps…

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RV Maintenance

FrugalRV.com - RV Maintenance

RV maintenance is always begging for attention. And much of it is legitimate stuff that needs to be done to be safe and avoid repairs. But some of it really isn’t critical – at least not yet. Determining what is necessary maintenance and what is not can be an expensive difference. Here are my suggestions for practical RV maintenance. Learn…

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RV Water Systems

FrugalRV.com - RV water systems

RV water systems supply fresh water and store waste water when camping. As water is a necessity for life, knowing how RV water systems work — and how to maintain them — is vital to enjoying your frugal camping adventures. Here’s what Frugal RVers discover about RV water systems: RV Fresh Water Recreational vehicles typically have two sources of potable…

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RV Navigation Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Navigation

One of the primary pleasures of recreational vehicle travel is finding new places. That, of course, requires traveling new-to-you roads. How can you safely navigate your RV? How can you know what’s beyond the next bend in the road? How can you get from here to there? Let’s take a closer look at RV Navigation Basics. RV Navigation Maps Maps…

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Manage Your RV Wants

FrugalRV.com - Manage Your RV Wants

In my prior Frugal RV tip, I covered how to Simplify Camping. Camping, after all, is intended to be a simpler life event than living at home with all those electronic gadgets and conveniences. It is a time to cut the cord — or at least to cut back to only those things you really need to recreate.  This article…

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RV Water Heater Maintenance

RV water heaters are one of the most forgotten components of recreational vehicles — until something goes wrong! How do they work and what can you do to makes sure they continue working and not become an emergency? FrugalRV.com knows. RV Water Heater Basics One of the most important systems on your RV is the Water System. It includes fresh water…

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RV Battery Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Battery Basics

RV camping is partially powered by batteries that store electricity for use when not plugged in to an electrical outlet. How do batteries work? What types of batteries are best for camping? How should campers maintain RV batteries. Here are some RV Battery Basics. RV Battery Logic Your motorhome or towing vehicle already has a battery or two, used for…

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RV Electrical Tests

FrugalRV.com - RV Electrical Tests

Electricity powers your camping. If something electrical in your recreational vehicle doesn’t work, you easily can test it with basic tools. Here’s how to test RV electrical systems. RV Electrical Systems Our article on RV Electrical Systems described the two sources of electricity in your RV: 12-volt direct current (DC) from a battery and 110-volt alternating current (AC) from “shore…

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RV Solar Basics

FrugalRV.com - RV Solar Basics

Many RV campers are “going solar” — adding solar power to their recreational vehicles. Is it smart? Is it frugal? Should you consider solar power for your motorhome, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or other camping unit? The answer depends on how and where you camp. Let’s take a closer look at RV solar power. RV Solar Basics The sun, our sun, has…

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RV Pet Travel Tips

Pets can make RV travel more fun — or more dangerous. Whether you travel with a dog, cat, hamster, ferret, fish, or a combination of pets, you want to make sure they are safe, that you and your passengers are safe, and everyone enjoys the trip. Here are some road-proven tips for RV pet travel. RV Pets In the U.S.,…

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Shop Smart

FrugalRV.com - Shop Smart

The Internet is amazing. With it you can read product reviews, compare prices and find the best resources for just about anything for RVs. And by keeping written records of your RV (Tip #5) you also know what you’ll need in upcoming travel seasons. Here are my recommendations to travel more and spend less as you do your homework and…

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Multitask Travel

FrugalRV.com - Multitask Travel

Owning your own RV is an opportunity to travel for a variety of reasons including pleasure, business, and education. As you plan your next road trip, consider multitask travel. Make a tax-deductible stop at a client’s on the way to your family vacation. Stop along the way for learning opportunities. Here are my suggestions for multitask travel: RVing for Pleasure…

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What does “Frugal RV” mean?

What does "Frugal RV" mean anyway?

Everyone comes up with a different image when I mention “frugal RV”. Some think of a young couple in a converted utility van boondocking in the woods. Others picture a large motorhome in a Walmart parking lot. Still others envision a camper adding solar power to a fifth-wheel trailer. Technically, all are truly frugal RVers — reducing the cost of…

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